Thursday, February 12, 2009

the sounds of sirens

as i was leaving my apt this morning an ambulance was whizzing by. its siren was soo soo loud and it totally made me lose my focus and drop my keys as i was locking my door.

see, ever since i rode in the ambulance that took my dad from our house at bent creek, i have always flashed back to that morning when i hear the siren or just see one driving around. en route to hospice i had no idea just how much my life was about to change. call it naivetee (spelling??!), but i thought he'd get checked and come home. i guess i dont need to go into what actually happened......

anyway, so just one of those things now i guess. so funny how certain sights, sounds and smells bring back memories (for better or for worse). i also find myself looking in the front to see if i know the driver or passenger, if maybe they are the same people that i drove with. granted, i cant realllllly see in...they are either driving too fast, im driving and cant really stare, or just cant see in tooo well. but i do always try, and i do always smile thinking about them. the driver and passenger with me were miraculous, and hugged me soooo much that day. i think they knew how sad and serious this situation was, and they comforted me beyond what they will ever know.

oh life. how crazy you are. :)

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