Monday, February 9, 2009

the 1-year mark

i do not think we could have had a better year anniversary for dad if we tried. having drew and rachel join us for the day was inredible. i love those two so much its silly. we looked at pics and watched a video of last thanksgiving which was just about the funniest thing i have seen in a while (so thank you for that guys!!)

aside from the perfect company, i think the day was spent really well. it wasnt super super sad or dramatic, but really special and easy. it was fun to celebrate my dad, knowing how great a life he was, without going over-the-top in terms of tears. (lord knows we have enough of that every other day, haha).

its hard to believe its been a year. i was joking with my mom about how i think i was in a fog 98% of this past myself a few days in there where i felt something other than numbness. i think there were a few normal days in there...maybe not. really, i dont know.

i want to thank everyone for their love and support each and every day. we all got incredible flowers from aunt martha, cori and gamma jane and i got numerous phone calls and letters from friends and family. the cherry on the cake was spending the day with some of my most special and favorite peoplein the world!!!

...and rach, you work on fattening up drew...apparently he needs a gut. haha. ;) love you

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Cure CJD said...

One year - I remembering that feeling of "I cant' believe I made it through." But you did it - together! Keep up the love and the laughter. Nikki