a few thoughts (gotta clear up some space in my brain)...haha

sold a jumpsuit yesterday. yes, thats right, you read that i sold a jumpsuit. HAHA! i am sorry, i appreciate trends and peoples tastes...but i must be missing something. i am just not sure where you would wear it. but, i am happy to sell it. im pretty much game to sell anything...package up some tin foil, wrap a bow around it, and hope to sell it. yep, anything for a dollar. haha.

i am hoping to have an important converstation with aaron asap. i need to know a few things...i just really hope i dont freak him out and lose what weve worked so hard for. my mom thinks this relationship is great...and shes always right about stuff like that, so im going with it. hahaa. but i really feel ready to figure out the next step. i just hope im not going to get my heart broken.

its been super windy here in lanc more in the past year than most. mom and i think dad is just playing outside and making it known he is there/here/everywhere. i like that thinking. granted, im not a total fan of wind (is anyone, really?!?!)...but thinking about it being dad...ill take it. :)

happy friday! ill be back to write more later :) xoxo