Sunday, February 1, 2009

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my mom recently gave me the book "walking in the garden of souls" by legendary medium george anderson. she didnt me the impression that she looooved it, but i thought id give it a shot. we have very differing ideas of what we consider"good books" so its always amusing when we read the same books.

its a very heavy read. i am only able to read 2 chapters at a time before i need to take a break. its a very emotional, spiritual, soul book. its amazing though. i find a lot of similar persective to what he says in terms of bereavment being a "one step forward, two steps back" process, finding a new "normal", etc. i like that he explains that even though he communicates with the souls, he has no advantages in life in terms of lessons learned, or the ability to better his life. he cant create a million dollars for himself. he cant avoid failure, loss or torment. he cant succeed at everything. and he certainly isnt privvy to any answers we "normal" people arent. he communicates with the souls the way andy roddick plays tennis, or my uncle tackles a court case: its his job. his talent. his way of life. his purpose. its fascinating really.

we are thinking about doing a session with him. they last about an hour, in person or by phone. the fact that he lives in NY, we are thinking of doing it by phone. i really think it would be incredible.

i cant relate to everything in the book and i dont like reading about certain things, but overall i am enjoying it. i am aout half way done and will check back when i am done.

hope everyone has a great super bowl sunday!!!!!!!! go cardinals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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