spring is in the air

omg, so many things are happening right now. first of all, nothing makes this chick happier than lighter days and warmer weather. it is completely mood enhancing :) haha. i totally do not belong in cold.

also, we just got the picture proofs for the magazine and billboard i will be on. oh holy jeez, i cant wait to share it with all of you.

only a few days until i fly to south carolina to see aaron. i like him a lot, but am a little apprehensive about this trip. im not sure if its due to the heaviness of what is happening in my life right now with dad, or the fact that ive had so much time to think about it that i am nervous, or a healthy mix of the two. we are going to be sharing a hotel room for 4 days, so were going to be like a married couple for a while...haha, made me laugh yesterday. i think hes excited...dear god, i hope he is. eek! i get in on valentines day, so i hope its special :) i will keep you all posted on how i feel about it closer to the time...i may need some moral support!!!!

my ex boyfriend and his buddies are joining in the SF half marathon...they want to wear shirts in support for my dad. so rach and drew, we totally need to make shirts!!! WOOO!!!!!!!

hope life is going well for everyone...rach, what are you and drew doing for valentines day?? xoxo