"just like me"

new song...by jamie foxx...download it! i know what youre thinking...i dont like jamie foxx either. but this song is fun! it kept coming on the radio when aaron and i were driving in sc, and i got addicted to it.

speaking of sc, i didnt get too many pictures because my digital camera hates me. its not working. so i brought a disposable....hahahahhaha yes i sure did! (dork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so i managed to get a couple of aaron, and one of us. he then took the camera and took a few "surrounding" shots...kinda like what drew always does. i just got them developed today (soooo weird to have to do that...WOW!!)...and, they are soo cute! well, he is soo cute. i do like the one of us...but the ones of him are sooo adorable. i will have my mom scan one and upload it...to share!

its 9:20pm on sunday night. i think ill go watch some tv and relazx. i emailed a-dog my "feelings". ill let you all know the verdict when i get it. please pray for me. i mean, i dont want to get all dramatic, but this is really big. and really important. and dear god.....um, just hope he feels the same?! eek!

until tomorrow :) haha....xox


hi, ohhh i wanna see cute pics of u and aaron. isnt that funny, all guys take those "random scenery" pics...my dad totally does it too...cracks me up. i guess its good, we take pics of people and guys take pics of places and things, in the end it all works out..get to see who was where right?

im excited to know what aaron writs back (i am hoping he doesnt read this blog response?)
i have been thinking about it all day looong :)

love the pics of u and ur aunt and uncle during their visit!