Wednesday, February 18, 2009

that screaming you hear...its my arteries

pizza, fries, nachos, wine and cheesecake. yea...and that was just friday night dinner. soo, if you get word of me in the hospital due to a heart attack, dont be surprised. haha, just kidding.

south carolina was a ball. it was great to see aaron and hang out for a few days and watch some tennis. however, it was FREEEEEEEEEEZING!!!!!!!!!! i think the high was in the 40's. brrrr. i was under the impression that it was going to be at least in the 60's. i was sadly mistaken. so i pretty much wore the same thing all weekend.

i journaled the trip while i was flying, so im a little tired to blog too too much, but i have to say, it was hard to come home. when aaron dropped me off at the airport (well, after he walked me in and kissed me goodbye...twice, hehe), i cried. im not talking a little twinkle in the eye...or a tiny tear. i called my mom and nicole, and cried. it really hurt me to leave him. i was so bummed.
the future has yet to be figured out. id like to take a minute and thank all of my friends and family who told me to shut up and go on the trip (haha, although noone actually came out and said it like that). i know i was a nervous wreck...and i am glad i went.

i really hope we can work this out. fingers crossed for us! (to be continued....)

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